Winter Park Elementary

Kids First!


School Improvement Plan

Our school improvement plan can be found at
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For information on meeting minutes and our updated School Improvement Plan, visit the above Indistar link.
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Committee Members 
*Committee members were newly elected by digital secret ballot in July 2021*
Brent Hall, Principal 
Andrea Solana, Assistant Principal  
Jessica McQueen, Kindergarten Rep 
Kelly Read, First Grade Rep
Marissa Neely, Second Grade Rep 
Jessica Gutierrez, Third Grade Rep 
Mallory Weeks, Fourth Gr. Rep 
Leah Creswell, Fifth Grade Rep
Allyson Stoddard, Focus Staff Rep 
Tara Mulvey, AIG
Carrie Herstine, Instructional Coach
Erika Roach,  K-2 MTSS Lead
Jacqueline Dalessio, EC Rep
Danielle Barone, EL teacher 
Suzanna Whitfield, Student Support Rep
Fadi Mansour, EC Paraeducator Rep
Tracey Beck, General Ed Paraeducator
Eren Simpson, Parent Rep
Vanessa Gonzalez, Parent Rep
Jessica Wilson, Parent Rep
Anne Ooms, Parent Rep